Academic job applications

Great colleges to work forYou’re heading toward the completion of your degree, and your next goal is an academic job. A curriculum vitae, cover letter, and teaching and research statements that are well-crafted can make your application stand out from the crowd, even if you don’t have much experience. Do you know how to use the cover letter to elaborate on how your experience makes you perfect for the position, rather than simply reiterating your CV? Do you know how to use language from the job ad to make clear that you are a good fit? Do you have a teaching portfolio, or do you want to build one?

In my two most recent job searches, I was a finalist for every position I applied for, due, I’m sure, to the care with which I crafted my application materials. I have served on numerous hiring committees, maintained my own professional portfolio, and coached numerous graduate students through preparation of teaching statements and portfolios. I can help you polish and target your application materials to make your unique talents stand out.

“She assisted me with editing a cover letter, pointing out critical aspects of the job description to highlight. This intentional targeting led to my advancement in a search process.”
Senior Student Affairs Professional