You plan to write a scholarly book in your area of expertise, and you need a compelling proposal to submit to your publisher(s) of choice. The proposal needs to address not only your idea, but the publisher’s priorities such as size of the potential market and similar books in print.

I have written successful proposals for my own books, and reviewed proposals being considered by publishers. I will take the time to understand both your work and the publisher’s priorities, and help you communicate your good ideas in terms that will resonate with the publisher.

Once you have the book contract, you have to write the book! When writing a full-length book in an area in which you are expert, it is easy to lose sight of the “big picture”, including logic, organization, flow, clarity, and level of detail that is consistent with both the length requirements of the book and the message you are trying to communicate. As I have done for other authors, I can help you organize and balance your manuscript at the book, chapter, section, paragraph, and sentence levels; identify passages that are unclear or irrelevant; and condense without loss of meaning to improve readability and meet the publisher’s length requirement.

“She did an excellent job, and I highly recommend her services.”
David Brightman
Former Senior Managing Editor, Jossey-Bass Publishers

“She is fast, easy to work with and a complete professional.”
José Antonio Bowen
Author, Teaching Naked: How Moving Technology
Out of Your College Classroom Will Improve Student Learning

“She has the ability to work from a big-picture perspective while understanding that it is the smaller details and the different pieces… that must come together in a cohesive manner to form the whole book.”
Carolyn (Dumore) Allard
Former Managing Editor, Jossey-Bass Publishers