Dissertations and theses

You’ve invested a lot of time, energy, and money in your graduate education. Now make sure your thesis or dissertation shows your good work in its best possible light. Hire a professional editor to fix English errors, identify problems with organization and flow, and format your document as required by your committee and the university. A well-edited thesis or dissertation will make your committee happy, and will expedite the approval process!

 I have chaired countless thesis and dissertation committees, won three major teaching awards, and published numerous articles and books. My editing services are affordable, fast, and provided in a supportive and personalized manner.


  • We start with a no-cost, no-obligation consultation. You tell me what you want done, by when.
  • I estimate how long the job will take, and how much it will cost. The time estimate I provide is a cap: if I spend more time than I estimated, I will charge you only for the time estimated. If I spend less time than I estimated, I will charge you only for the time spent.
  • If you decide to hire me, I notify your chair that you have hired a professional editor and make sure we are clear on the acceptable limits of my editing. For example, I will not make changes to content, but I might identify areas where the logic is not clear.
  • If at any time you decide to terminate the relationship, you pay only for the time I have spent.
  • I take pride in delivering affordable and high-quality work, on time, in a friendly and supportive manner.  

“I proudly boast, ‘My editor made the difference!”
Dr. Cristina Shams, professor, Seminole State College

“Thank goodness for Dr. Judy, whose knowledge enhanced my confidence during the final, successful leg of my dissertation research. She asked questions, caused me to dig deeper, did not fear my unique topic, and delivered my product in a timely way. She added ‘human’ to the process and shared her expertise at an affordable rate.”
Cheryl Seals Gonzalez, Ed.D., University of North Florida, winner of The Thomas A. Mulkeen Dissertation Award

“Thank you for being an encourager in my process. Your professionalism, thoughtful comments, and respect for my ideas were exactly what I needed to finish the task.”
Angela Reed, Ed.D., University of North Florida

“This was my first experience with a professional editor. My anxiety was calmed by her personable and prompt response. Her ongoing support and patient listening ears made me confident in working with her. Judy forced me to rethink my ideas and polish the overall presentation of my dissertation. I strongly believe my ability to construct grammatically correct sentences, sustain a logical flow within paragraphs and write simple sentences has improved. I honestly enjoyed the experience.”
Veronica Fynn Bruey, Ph.D. 

“I recommend Judy to all my doctoral students as they look for ways to augment their own writing.”
Matthew Ohlson, Associate Professor, University of North Florida