Accreditation reports

The typical accreditation report has many authors, and can benefit from a keen and objective editorial eye to ensure consistency, completeness, and a single voice throughout the document.

I have managed assessment activities and contributed to institutions’ reports for the following:

•  NEASC (New England regional accreditor)

•  SACS (southeastern regional accreditor)

•  ABET (engineering accreditor)

•  Florida State University System.

I have served on accreditation visiting teams and presented at regional accreditors’ annual conferences. I can bring my editorial skills and my intimate knowledge of the higher education accreditation landscape to bear to show your institution in the best possible light.

“You have a keen eye, Judy, and I thank you again for providing me such a wonderful professional review.”
Sam Kimball
Associate Dean, University of North Florida College of Arts & Sciences

“You did an admirable and thorough job which is very much appreciated!”
High school principal, Massachusetts